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1.We See You

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We See You evokes empathy and kindness across all sectors of Starkville Strong. It embodies our commitment to recognizing and appreciating the unique contributions, challenges, and humanity of every individual we encounter. This value reinforces our dedication to fostering a culture of understanding, respect, and genuine connection.

2.Better Together

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Better Together reflects our belief that collective action and collaboration are essential for achieving our mission. This value underscores the importance of community empowerment, partnership, and working together to amplify our impact and reduce redundancy. By fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation, we can tackle challenges more effectively and create lasting positive change.

3.Lead with Sincerity

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Lead with Sincerity underscores our commitment to transparency, honesty, sincerity, and virtue in all aspects of our work. This value highlights the importance of being genuine and trustworthy, ensuring that our actions and decisions are guided by integrity. By leading with sincerity, we build a foundation of trust and respect across all sectors of Starkville Strong.

4.Stay the Path

Stay the Path is rooted in our commitment

to resilience, perseverance, and empowerment. 

This value emphasizes the importance of supporting individuals and communities through challenges, helping them stay focused on their goals and continue their journeys toward stability and prosperity. By embracing "Stay the Path," we build people up and provide unwavering support, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

5.Outside the Box

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Outside the Box is centered on innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement. It emphasizes our commitment to thinking creatively, finding unique solutions, and pushing the boundaries to address the challenges faced by our most vulnerable neighbors. By embracing this value, we strive to foster a culture of innovation and forward-thinking across all sectors of Starkville Strong.

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Listed below are the five values that help Starkville Strong remain focused and consistent in its efforts, while working  with the community it serves. These values allow our organization to expanded its efforts in addressing issues surrounding local food insecurity, housing insecurity, homelessness and the creation of a sustainable social support network in Starkville.

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